I need sleep and Mick doesn’t need me to do basic vocal balancing so I try to sleep in… unfortunately I put the do not disturb sign on the door handle backwards so I’m woken twice and so I finally get up.

I need clothes – I had so little time to pack that I budgeted for going to Muji and Marks and Spencer on Oxford St. Today is the day. Of course M&S don’t have any more of the trousers I bought last year but I find something. Muji is out of the shirts I like but I pick up some stripey t-shirts which might well be too young for me. If so William can have them.

I get to Mick’s around 2PM. He has Broken Record, If I Were A Song and Double Happiness done. No major issues with any of them. All good.

He works on 3 more while I’m there – That’s Alright, Rhinestones and Westchester (lots of harmony work). No real issues with any – just a question of lead vocal vs harmony balance and dry vs wet. WE’re done by 8PM.

If we get another 6 done next Tuesday (day 32) we’ll be ahead of schedule, slightly.

Weekend off. I’ll see my folks. Over.