In March of 2006, when I was getting close to finishing what became Antidepressant, I wrote to Cirrus Galleries in LA to see if they might put me in touch with one of their artists – Susan Logoreci. I had recently seen a pencil drawing of hers in Harper's magazine and immediately felt something hard to describe – in short her work looked like it was kin to mine. Amazingly a few moths later Hosuk and I were working with Susan, and her piece – Siverlake Revisited – making an album sleeve.

This is the original –

As far as I was concerned, the image was perfect as it was, and however it could be used in a crop keeping the the feel as close to the original, that was the way to do it. Easier said than done. And I don't think Hosuk likes easy, anyhow.

Here is one of his 'I don't want to use Silverlake' sketches. Based on another of Susan's pieces.

Hosuk had asked Susan, and she had agreed, to provide us with ALL of the album art, not just the front sleeve, and that is what we got – all the the calligraphy is done with the same pencils that the actual drawing was done with. Brilliant.

All of the individual houses, etc from the inside and back sleeve, were drawn especially for the project.

The final artwork also featured Susan's piece 'Century City' as the center pages of the booklet.

The following predates the Susan Logoreci sessions and I didn't see Hosuk's initial sketch as being on the same wavelength as I was at the time. In retrospect – it is right on target, just a different angle on the same thing.

'G-Minor', by the way, was the working title for Rolodex Incident – the song was instrumental until the last few months of the making of the record, when I finally found a way to make a vocal work.