I cannot recall how Hosuk got the idea that he wanted me photographed on TV for Music in a Foreign Language, but here's what he initially sent me, which suggests that Late Night, Early Town may have been the key – I thought the feel was right.

From there H proposed something like this –

I was then photographed by Hosuk's friend Blaise Reutersward http://www.blaisereutersward.net/ in Paris – as I recall, a video camera was aimed at me and Blaise photographed the monitor, not me.

H then sent me these –

From there there was about a month of back and forth between H and I until we had something we were both happy with. We almost chose this –

For the singles we initially thought we would just follow the feel of the album sleeve and logic gave us –

Frankly, we should have stopped right there – we had already invested huge amounts of time and energy, but H was not happy. He had come up with a t-shirt design in 2001 using vertical lines of text – song lyrics – to create images – that I had said at the time was far too good of an idea to waste on just a t-shirt. We decided to revisit it.

Became –

And months later we had –