Monday 12th June

Mick and I went to the Townhouse Studios to master the album with Bunt Stafford Clark, who also did MIAFL. I was late, I’m not sure if I want to try to take a London bus across town again, at least not in the Summertime..
We listen to each song several times and Bunt makes suggestions as to what might improve it. The changes, on this record, seem to be the smallest that I can recall on any record that I’ve been actively involved in the mastering of. Most songs Bunt added 1/2 db at around 150 Hz and maybe 1 db at somewhere around 10 kHz. These added a liitle to help the bass guitar (the low one) and the vocal (the high one). Only 2 or 3 tracks were compressed beyong what Mick and I had done.. maybe we don’t suck.. Pretty much the record we took to the mastering studio is the one we left with. Only now i’m a bit more confident about it.
So we have an album of 11 songs that is exactly 40 minutes long. I have to listen to the reference CD at home before I commit to it, and there may be small changes in track order and the gaps between them, but here’s what we’re working on.

the young idealists
woman in a bar
NYC sunshine
I didn’t see it coming
how wrong can you be?
I am not willing
slip away
travelling light
rolodex incident

I suppose this won’t be the last entry for this album as I do still have to Ok, or change this..