Q – I take the fact that you will do more “Plastic wood” music as good news personally. And it makes me wonder if you have ever been interested in making film scores and if you already have had propositions in that sense ? I think the ambient mood of “Plastic wood” as well as the more orchestrated part of your production like in “Don’t get weird on me, babe” would be perfect in a movie.

A – Many of the pieces which make up Plastic Wood are sketches made with specific film projects in mind. None of which, for various reasons, panned out. In fact my original plan was to print about a thousand and send them to music supervisors and other folk in film production, it was only released as an album after various friends who I asked to help me narrow down the track listing all agreed that it should be a record..

Certainly I’m open to the idea of making music for films but I’m not good at, or particularly interested in, making really dynamic music, which many scores seem to demand. However, I’m very impressed by the soundtracks which have emerged from Todd Haynes’ work, for example, so I don’t think I’m unemployable… and I am easily reached.