Q – Hey Lloyd

For those completists amongst us who somehow managed to just miss signing up for the limited edition version of your new album (in my own case due to lack of internet access during an international relocation), will the tracks from the extra CD surface as downloads through your site?

I would hate to miss them altogether, but I understand the argument you might offer that this would compromise those who have shelled out for the limited edition.

Surely, though, those who own the lovely artefact wouldn’t be that bothered – as they would own something physical and deluxe as opposed to mere MP3s.

A – There will be no second outtakes CD, and the tracks will not be available at my site as downloads. The whole point of the Deluxe Edition was/is that those who put up the cash in advance got something special – limited. What those folk do with the tracks is their business, I guess, so I’m sure the files will become available one way or another, in time. But I won’t be the one to put them out there.

Having said all that – we will, most likely, have a few more than we need, and given that there is still a substantial shortfall, still, in the budget to address (due mostly to the fall in value of the Euro) we will put these up for sale at the shop, once all the advance orders are shipped.