Fri 21st

Much time spent figuring logistic for M. Glossop to mix over here in my studio this time. Contacted MOTU to get a DP manual for him so he can swot up – he mixes on Pro Tools, usually, which i don’t have. We are aiming to mix in early January. I have a German tour which I must leave for on the 20th for – the deadline might speed me up! I would need to have almost all the singing done before Neil gets here in a couple of weeks’ time.

Then rather dull but necessary work. Figuring out how to create a midifile to export for the string arranger. Making rough mix of Traveling Light – last song to get to second rough mix (post drum arrangement) stage. Then go through all the songs and make chord charts – can you believe I didn’t do that already?? Well, it’s just me here, so i don’t need them. But Neil Clark is coming soon, and maybe some other folk.