As I oversee the Lloyd Cole MySpace page (, and – like my very talented fellow Scot and fellow Glaswegian – share the same forename as Paul Smith, the webpage designer/developer responsible for helping Lloyd overcome the final hurdles in getting the Music area up and running as Lloyd intended it to run, some kind folks have mistakenly contacted me to make known their appeciation for the great work I’ve put into this area of the site.

For example, Brian – the fellow who organised the LC fly-ins Yahoo Group for the Dublin shows recently – contacted me today and wrote:

“Just wanted to thank you for all the work you’ve put into helping Lloyd on the website. I know he appreciates it, and as a fan I’m looking forward to an expanded site. We actually are adding an LC tune or two to the soundtrack at work (restaurant) and I had manage preview songs at the site.”

I’d love to take the praise for this, but the only thing I’ve really done to help that was of any use is encourage people on MySpace to help beta test the Music pages (I’m not even sure if “beta test” is the correct expression!).

So, I hope you all will join me in saying a great “Well done!” and “Thank you!” to Paul Smith, the guy who is REALLY responsible for helping Lloyd provide us with this fabulous addition to the site.

Like I said, I’m merely the MySpace office monkey and my techno skills in this field really are limited to passing on bananas – any assistance (please interpret that as – in most cases – hinderance!) I offer is generally of the banana skin variety (e.g. I thought I tested the site on Internet Explorer 6 when really I was using version 7!).

So, please, hats off to Paul Smith, not me, Paul Sludden, for helping bring about one of the most exciting and eagerly anticipated areas of the new version of (sorry Lloyd, while the mugshot area is great, I’m really only interested in the music – I stopped trying to imitate your hair-do in 1990 – that bloody thick-haired, Rock Star bob hair style – when it became apparant I had more forehead than hair!).

In saying all of this, thanks to all who have contacted me through the MySpace site in general – I appreciate your comments and it does make the whole thing all the more worthwhile (though “wonderful and vigilant” was a bit extreme Lloyd!).

Right, back to the Rioja my wonderful and very understanding wife has left me to finish off while she catches up on some sleep before she returns from holiday to work tomorrow! Hic!

Best wishes to all,
Paul “Sludger” Sludden

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