Q – Excellent new guitar tabs part of site. I’ve been trying to work out ayrtbh and stumped on the C intro chord can you enlighten me?

A – Well, I can tell you that it is the reason that I didn’t try to play the song for many years and it is an example of how great Neil is/was.
The only way to play it like he does is to keep your forefinger free when playing the G chord arpegio, which means you must do those pull ons with your pinky and fret the D note one the B string with your second finger. Then when the C comes you bring down your forefinger to play the root note. Easy if you have really strong hands and great technique.

When I play it these days, I only do so because I have found a way of faking it – it isn’t quite right, I lose the flat 5, but it is close enough for the singer when he’s playing guitar. I’ll post a chart of my own soon to show how I do it.