I will be selling all sorts of things on eBay over the next year or so, I’ll keep this post as a sticky so it stays at the top of the blog pile and I’ll update it with links and stories.

The first two items for auction are a pair of photographs. In 1991 when I built my short lived home studio I wanted to have a few photos on the walls. I framed a poster of Captain Beefheart (yes, that photo) which Anton Corbijn had signed and given to me while I was still living in London, and I decided I wanted a photo of Bowie. My favourite one was (and remains) the back sleeve of the re-issued Space Oddity album, sitting in the red boots looking down at the camera. Mick Rock took it. I found Mick in his Tribeca studio and he agreed to sell me a print of that shot for $500. I wrote a cheque there and then. Time passed and then more time passed, I checked in from time to time with his assistant and there was no news, still looking for the negative… and then Mick fell ill. I didn’t bother him. Years passed and one day I spotted a new book by Mick coming out and a bunch of press. He was OK again. This must have been mid or late 2000’s. I made contact. Mick hadn’t forgotten, but was by then aware that the negative had been lost, or at least he didn’t have it, it may be somewhere in the RCA archives… Would I like to choose a different photo?I went to his website and chose the shot below of Bowie with The Spiders. Almost 20 years passed between the payment and receipt of the print – #15 of a limited edition of 90… not exactly what I’d paid for, but Morrison Hotel Gallery are now selling prints from the same series for $1500. By the time the print arrived I didn’t have a studio any more and my attic wall space was all taken, so it has sat on top the bookshelf in the corner, waiting for a home ever since. The Anton poster had been on the wall pretty much everywhere I made music until I moved up here.


Bowie Print eBay Link


Anton Beefheart Framed Poster Link

More soon.