Q – Do you use audiophile equipment at home? I listen to my collection of vinyl and cd on my Arcam amp and cd player, Project Classic turntable with Musical Fidelity phono stage and Castle speakers. Are you into hi fi equipment?

A – Short answer is no. My old Dual turntable (basic model) is broken. A cool portable DJ thing my wife bought had us playing vinyl again for a while last year but a kids’ party put an end to that. I use powered Genelec speakers for my studio monitoring, and a pair of ProAc smaller speakers powered by a Quad amp. I do have a nice Bryston preamp that I run everything through.
Our home hi-fi is quite medium-fi, but I love the stuff. We use Tivoli Audio. We have small system in the lounge and I also use an identical system for my computer monitors.

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