Q – Whose idea was it to put out the BBC live recordings? Was it you and if so what prompted you? with all the new refeormed 80’s groups getting together will you be doing any more Commotions gigs? and lastly I have just got hold of the Jewish Song Album – Why Romany -Soup? It is one of my favorites and you covered it very well but why this track?

A – The BBC/Strange Fruit/Universal have been talking to us for years. We have never been against it and now it is finally happening. I’ll post details as soon as I have all the info from Universal. There will be 3 releases – Commotions Vol 1 and 2 (double CD) and Solo (double CD).

A – Romany Soup? Really, why not? I was having some fun with synths that year and Zorn asked me for something. I’d sung so many Marc ‘songs’ before – I though a more experimental piece copuld be fun. Plus the budget was almost nothing and techno is cheap to make (only kidding).