Q – Hey Lloyd, I’m just 14 and I’m a big fan of you. I have a beautiful accoustic guitar for two weeks now, so the first things I want to play is Lloyd Cole. I can play Forest Fire a bit now, but I can’t find tabs and chords for most of your songs. So I was wondering if you could give me some tablatures and chords of a few songs (especially easy songs, since I’m a beginner guitar player). I’ve also seen the ‘guitar tabs’ on this site, but there are not very much of it. Maybe you can also give me some tips (like switching chords or something), that would be really awesome!
Luka Schuurman from Holland

A – Hi Luka. All you need is a chord book, or you can use this website.
The chords to Forest Fire are here.
All the songs on Rattlesnakes are quite easy. They must be if I played them!
Perfect Skin is just D, C, G in the verses and F Major7 and G in the chorus. The solo is a tone up so it’s E, D, A.
Rattlesnakes is just E and D in the verses and intros. E, D and A in the chorus and A7 and G in the mid break (G – D leads back to the verse).
Charlotte Street is E, B minor, F# Minor and A in the verse and the chorus is B minor, G, D, F# minor, G, F# minor, G, A.
Are you ready to be heartbroken? is just G, C and D with C maj7, C, C 9, F maj 7, F, F9 for the B section.
I will post some more tabs soon. I have been awfully busy doing other things like making records and touring!
Good luck.

Publication date: 30/05/11