This case is what Eurorack people call 6u of 104HP. My original plan was to bring about 3 times this, but I ran into numerous technical and mental issues. I was hoping to play an hour, 7 or 8 pieces. Now I will play just a few.


These are the modules –

Make Noise – Maths, Optomix, telHarmonic

Epoch Modular – Rob Hordijk Benjolin

Ciat-Lonbarde – Dunst, Swoop, Denum, Fourses

Addac – 203 CV Mapping

Intellijel – uAtt

Malekko – Mix

Mannequins – 3 Sisters

Bubblesound – VCA 4p

Meng Qi – Voltage Memory

Noise Engineering – Variatic Basicus

Animodule – TikTok

Monome – Teletype

ALM – SBG (2)