Q – Lloyd,
First let me say I think the two songs you posted both sound terrific.

Going back through your studio journal entries, I see that you mostly used BFD with occasional use of DFH. With BFD, did you use any of the expansion packs (XFL, 8 bit kit, deluxe)? And with DFH, did you use the Custom & Vintage or just the regular Superior?

Did you prefer BFD for the sounds or because of the groove librarian?

A – This will be dull stuff for 99% But it was an issue I had to address in making this record.
I have used BFD exclusively on the project, along with samples of my own from Electron Machinedrum (just as well because it broke) and Roland R8m. The BFD kits I have built come from the basic libriary + XFL + 8 bit, albeit 95% is from the basic.. I do not use anything with the word ‘groove’ in it. I write my own parts. I gave up on DFL because the BFD interface was much easier for a hack like me.. I cannot deny that their sounds are great, but I don’t have eough hours in the day..
I had a few CPU issues with Digital Performer and BFD but overall BFD has been one of the few instruments that have given me far more help than grief. Well done fXpansion.