Q – I saw you at the Hammersmith Odeon (as I guess we still call it given our age) on the Rattlesnakes anniversary tour in 2004 and was disappointed to see that the support at was Blunt.

He wasn’t particularly well known at the time and I only knew about him because I’d had the misfortune of seeing him a few months earlier, supporting the Trashcan Sinatras (whom I shall be writing to seperately). How unlucky is that?!

Anyway, I suspect you had little to do with the choice but I wondered if your, admittedly fairly minor, contribution to his current sickening world domination status prays on your mind at all?

A – I don’t know how you can see our contribution as minor! Before opening for us he was almost unknown. We take all the credit. Our collision was the result of sharing the same management, at the time, no more. By coincidence we had asked the Trashcans, but they had prior engagements, otherwise they said they would have loved to have played the shows. I’m sure ‘Rhymes with Blunt’ is used in all areas of society around the world given his meteoric rise, but I must say he seemed nice enough.

Publication date: 24/02/2006