Q – Dear Lloyd, sorry to be an anorak,

I have been to many of your concerts in the North West of England and at the Manchester Comedy Store gig you began the usual introduction to ‘Brand New Friend’ by saying that everyone that you have known has at some stage gone to see you in concert, to say hello.

However you said that the one person that has never seen you (the girl called Jane) was there at the Comedy Store that night, and I thought that was the end of that particular introduction to ‘Brand New Friend’

However, when I next saw you at The Lowry Centre, you completely omitted the fact that everyone has now seen you and you reverted back to the old story about the one person that has never seen you is the girl called Jane!, before singing Brand New Friend!

It is a great story, none the less, but which story is indeed correct?

A – Either I was drunk at the comedy store, or you were. Maybe this is Steve Collis writing?? I doubt it, but I know he was drunk. I might not have expressed myself too clearly.. but I haven’t seen Jane since 1980.