Q – I know I´m rather compulsive, wondering about these loose connections, but were there ever a chance, that you sneaked at William Wyler´s picture “The Butterfly Collector” (Terence Stamp), perhaps being inspired by it, when constructing the lyrics to your beautiful, yet disturbing “Butterfly”?

I know this film and your song doesn´t concern the same topic, nevertheless dealing with murky and malicious emotions.
The fact that we often may hurt the ones we (think we) love..
And the butterfly-allegory is truly very efficient, making words turn into feelings…

By the way.. regarding the man you don´t want to talk about.. (LOL) I guess he really likes Terence Stamp as an actor…

A – No, I’m afraid not. I think I may have seen this movie as a child and had nightmares, so it may be in my subconscious.

Regarding he who I won’t name. There is no ‘he’ – there are several of them!