May 19, 2004

Q – Do you plan beforehand to a degree what songs you are going to play at gigs or do you simply prefer to improvise from show to show?

May 19, 2004

Q – Lloyd, have you played Bandon Dunes up in Oregon yet? I played both courses there a week ago and thought they were great courses, especially Pacific Dunes.

May 20, 2004

Q -Lloyd – were you slightly jealous of Lawrence’s escapades as a caddy?

A – No, I caddied quite enough as a teenager and was lucky enough to have our club …

May 21, 2004

Lloyd, you should really consider putting out a live cd from your last acoustic tour. Many people would be so grateful if you did.

A – I am looking into getting …

May 22, 2004

Q – just wondering if you have ever been featured as a performer, or played a bit part in any dramatic film or television show.
Dig that Elvis hair you have …

May 23, 2004

Q – What I know there is 3 different version of the cd single
“THAT BOY” out, and there is 4 unreleased tracks on them. Rain on the parade, Tie me …

May 25, 2004

Q – lloyd, any uk tv appearances coming up? you seem completely underexposed.
I did miss totp2 last year but I understand you were on that. what about jools holland or …

May 25, 2004

Q – Lloyd, after you’ve done the Rattlesnakes dates are you planning to work with the commotions or is the tour a one-off?

A – This is a one time thing. …

May 25, 2004

Q – I would like to invite you to dinner when you are in Denver for the show at The Bluebird. I thought a home cooked meal could be a …