January 15, 2016

Last September I performed a couple of shows in Berlin with my modular synth, no singing (warning!). One of the pieces from the Basic Electricity night has been included on …

September 4, 2015

Video by the creator of the 1D sleeve images Chris Hughes.

September 1, 2015

There was one typo on the Commotions box set –

Somehow or other the US version of Rattlesnakes was used as a reference for sleeve notes. The US (original Geffen, not …

May 8, 2015

Don’t Look Back is a compilation album recently released (while I had no functioning website) by Universal’s budget label. Spectrum albums tend to be sold at supermarkets and Amazon and are very affordable.

January 28, 2015

Rattlesnakes side 1. Upper track is 1984 1/2″ tape transferred flat to digital, lower track is 2004 “re-master”.

Stephen Irvine upon hearing the original 1/2″ mixes again (albeit digitized) – “I …

August 20, 2014

My New N. American Record Company – Omnivore Recordings http://omnivorerecordings.com/music/standards/