Q – I recently got my hands on a copy of I’m Your Fan. I loved the album and thought your version of Chelsea Hotel was terrific. Did you choose the song yourself or were you told which one to perform? If you did choose it, why Chelsea Hotel? Is there any chance of Famous Blue Raincoat (which I think you also covered?) appearing on any of your albums etc? Finally, the bananas made me smile!

A – I just love that song and nobody else had taken it. I am also fond of the recording – I think Quine’s solo is one of his best. It will also be on Vol. 1 of Cleaning Out The Ashtrays.
There is a version of Famous Blue Raincoat out there on KCRW’s Rare on Air CD. See my new miscellany area – https://www.lloydcole.com/music/misc/3rdparty.html