Thanks for the great ashtrays compilation and interesting liner notes.

Q1 – Did Ellen Barkin ever show up again for breakfast?

A – Once or twice, as I recall. Chris’s memory might be better…

Q2 – In Bud Scoppa’s notes in the Girlfriend reissue, he mentions that a joint New Year’s eve bill w/ u and Matthew at CBGB’s was an integral event (amongst many) — since it motivated Scott Byron at ZOO to push for the album. I still regret not being able to make that show. Do you guys perform all solo material or was that one of your Bolan workouts or a mix?

A – Really? Matthew and I played together in the ‘Bob Dylan band’ late 1989 (I don’t recall the exact date) and I played guitar on at least one occasion for him. More than that I can’t claim.

3 – I can hear why it was difficult to choice between some of the actual and alternate takes. Some of the alts on Ashtrays rival or almost rival the primaries. “Pay for It” mya even surpass (my wife mana’s fav LC or commotions song, btw).

A – thanks! many of the versions on Ashtrays are the same take as used on the album but different mixes or approachesm but a few of the Bad Vibes ones are completely different takes.