So I’ve hummed and I’ve hawed and I’ve decided, I think, that the box should include only tracks previously released, or mixed for release. So no rough mixes, but there may be a few alternate mixes which weren’t used. And no recording outtakes which weren’t finished – so no ‘Cold Empty Room’ and no ‘Cassanova Smith’. Putting this together has unearthed much more material than I’d imagined, and I think if this project goes well, I’ll do another quite soon with the remaining outtakes and demos, as I do think that some of the demos are better, in some ways, than the finished tracks (not sonically).

Here are the 54 tracks.

Volume 1 (1989-1991)

Everyone’s Complaining
Blame Mary Jane
Don’t Look Back (mellow mix)
No Blue Skies (guitars louder)
The L Word
Mannish Girl
Shelly I Do
The Witching Hour
Wild Orphan
Chelsea Hotel
Children of the Revolution
She’s a Girl and I’m a Man (pre op)
Pay For It (long)
Weeping Wine (first mix)
Somewhere out in the East
Weird On Me

Volume 2 (1992-3)

Butterfly (planet Ann Charlotte Mix)
4 M.B.
For the pleasure of your company
Love You So What ( acoustic mix)
Morning Is Broken (b side mix)
Too Much of a Good Thing (alternate mix)
Mystic Lady
The Slider
Radio City Music Hall
Eat Your Greens

Volume 3 (1994-5)

Baby (demo)
Like Lovers Do (Street mix)
Traffic (long)
Brand New Baby Blues
I will not leave you alone
It’ll never happen again
Millionaire (acoustic mix)
Rain On The Parade
Most of the Time
The Steady Slowing Down of The Heart

Volume 4 (1996 – 2006)

Fool You Are (etc mix)
Santa Cruz (vocal mix)
If you gotta go
Si Tu Dois Partir
Artificial Tears
Tie Me Down
That Boy (Langer & Winstanley mix)
Fool you are (Langer & Winstanley mix)
ClaireFontaine (short)
Late Night, Early Town (guitar mix)
My Alibi (piano mix)
Coattails (from Antidepressant sessions)
For The Good Times (with Jill Sobule)