Q – Is this the same version of Coattails as on COTA? Is there an interesting (or even not very interesting) story behind how you were asked to contribute?
I saw the track-listing via a David Sylvian site. I’m a big fan of his – have your paths ever crossed, as two “big in the 80s, ex-pats in the USA, with loyal following” types?

Also, any idea how I can get hold of the magazine/CD in the UK?

A – I’m on there thanks to Daniel Handler (Lemony Snicket). He emailed me. It is the version from COTA. I do like DS too, never met him, he lives nearby I’m told. I saw Japan at the London Virgin Venue (opposite Victoria station as I recall) on their Quiet Life tour – full glam show and really good, I thought.

I’m sure they will ship to you in the UK, but I’m also sure that good bookstores will stock the Believer.

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