Mixed down ‘Traveling Light’ rough to mp3 for iTunes reference.
Imported files from previous (pre Logic troubles) ‘Coattails’ sessions, only piano and synth are useful. This process is slow and tedious. Designed a template for future imports to hopefully smoothe out this process as there are 4 or 5 other ‘pre troubles’ tracks.
‘Coattails’ is, or rather, may become – as it is very much work in progress – a ‘Can’t Get Arrested’ prequel / sequel. The verse melody is similar and it will probably open with the line ‘ Couldn’t get arrested, so you went and stole a car’. Hopefully my songwriting will be a little less smug this time around.
Spent most of the day working on putting together a drum kit and drum part in BFD which sounds like the same drummer as ‘Traveling Light’ but louder, less subtle.
Beth and Frank drop off Vacuum cleaner. Much needed. Now I can practice my putting without grit and cardboard gettting in the way.