Yes I am alive. I have experience something of a post natal funk since the album was all but complete, but the Small Ensemble is back rehearsing and –

I may have mentioned this idea last year, maybe not – My pal, and fellow ex pat Derbyshire born musician John Allen were hoping to pass some of the snowed in New England Winter playing loud music. In my basement, and possibly the odd bar or club. The band is called Codger. John sings, I play bass and my son Will was recruited on guitar. Well, last Winter wasn’t good for John and I was mad busy anyhow, so no Codger, until…

My youngest son Frank has taken up the drums and is progressing remarkably well (I’m in awe of anyone who can play drums), so I started to play along with him to help and encourage, and when John Allen got wind of this he immediately recruited Frank. Codger is now part Partridge family, part Addams family, part Hanson – combined age around 130.

Frank loves the Strokes, so we’ll play Last Night. I suggested Lust For Life (Iggy) and in our one rehearsal last year (without drums) we figured out This Perfect Day (Saints). Frank, Will and I can now play those three (needs some polish). As soon as we can play 5 songs we’ll be asking to open for anyone who will let us.

Bass on Lust For Life is tough but fun when I get it right. This is quite a nice antidote to the career crucial stuff that has been going on recently. Frank actually posted something nice about me on his Facebook page when I bought him a stick bag (there were sticks all over the house). He even offered to clean up the yard (back garden). Things are looking up.