I only got one damned record (Antidepressant) out of my Apple G5 which I bought in 2005 at great expense so I’m determined to try to squeeze on more before it completely craps out on me. It’s already registered regular kernel panics.. but I’ve cleaned it out and run some tests and it SEEMS to be worth trying…

My plan is to create my basic tracks in Ableton Live using the same methodolgy as I did for Plastic Wood but doing everything inside the computer. Live finally allows real time looping so one is not tied to DJ/Dance tempo mentality based methodology. I upgraded today.

I needed to create a basic template in Live to then create midi maps for remote control etc. (I ordered a simple 3 switch midi foot controller today so I can use both hands when creating loops). I also want a limited palette which isn’t easy with near infinite virtual synth options. Limitations can be good and I’m sure that Live will crash the G5 if I try to do too much. The template (not finished) is 6 instrument channels, which should lead to a maximum of 6 tracks (some may be stereo).

First draft is –

1 – My Elektron MachineDrum samples in Simpler, or Drum Racks (which I’ve yet to learn). I don’t expect there will be too many drums but I may want to do some rhythm box treatments.
2 – Arturia Analogue Factory. I have the keyboard controller for this so it’s the easiest for me to use. I always start with presets and them tweak – I’m not a programmer. I expect I’ll use AF for Prophet 5, and Prophet VS sounds mostly, maybe some Moog.
3 – same as 2. Different sounds.
4 – Camel Audio Cameleon 5000. I like this synth a lot an look forwaard to finally delving a little deeper.
5 – Arturia ARP 2600. This is my favourite sequencer synth but it’s difficult to programme. I will try. I tweaked a preset sequence tonight and got something done, understanding, sort of, the logic…
6 – Spectrasonics Atmosphere. I don’t think I need the newer bigger, better Omnisphere for this project (I have it). I expect I’ll use Atmosphere for it’s atonal soundscape thingies and it does a great Oberheim Xpander type pad sound. I gave my Xpander away year ago.

I set up a Soundtoys Echoboy as Echo and a PSP multidelay thing as a ‘reverb’.

More to follow.

Now hold on – this is a fun real time development – as I’ve been typing the G5 is refusing to shut down. It just froze once and then upon successful restart refused to shut down without a kernel panic.

I think it may be USB related so I’ve disconnected a few things and I’ll try again to start up and shut down. It was just running for 4 of 5 hours without trouble this evening…

Ok -that seemed to work – restarted, reconnected USB stuff and then reopened the Live file – it worked. Shut down successful .

We shall see… I’m saving all Live files to external disk and all else is backed up.