Q – Lloyd, are there any rare recordings and releases by you that you don’t own yourself and are looking for? And do you still have a vinyl record player in your home?

A – This question was actually posed quite a while ago and I’m just getting around to replying. After all of the work i’ve done preparing the ‘Ashtrays’ box set I can confirm that I am indeed missing many releases. We have 2 broken turntables in the house right now. I thought we had a working one but when i got home from tour last year the new one had been trashed, most likely by a teenager trying to play a CD on it.

I’ve been thinking I might like to start a ‘swap shop’ for collectors so that I can trade the doubles I have for what I’m missing, and other folk could do the same. I’m still waiting to find out if an actual forum will work within this blog framework, so we’ll see… if it will – I’ll make it happen in the not too distant future. No, I do not have a box of ‘Down at the Mission’ 45s.

Meanwhile I’m looking for a repair shop to address issues with the old cassette decks, too.