Edited March 4th 2016.

Well, this whole thing has been rather embarrassing… excepting the box itself, which everyone is very happy with.
UMG underestimated the demand for the box and planned only one printing. It sold out before Christmas last year. This wasn’t great for our webshop… Around the time that I found out about this UMG approached me wanting to make a second box set, of my solo work. I told them I would only work with them on it if they printed more of this box. They agreed. I’m told we expect stock in a couple of weeks. I’d accept pre-orders now if I thought I could rely on UMG 100%. But I think it’s probably best to wait until they’ve taken my order for more before we do that. Thanks to all of you who have waited for us to re-stock.

Edited 21st September.

We now have the second shipment in stock here.

It is 191mm long x142mm wide x 30mm depth.
It weighs 700 grammes (just over 1.5 lbs).

Shipping internationally – Europe, Asia, Australia, NZ – will be $23.

$15.50 to Canada, $10.50 in USA.

Obviously this isn’t cheap and it’s not for everyone. It would be greatly helpful to us at the shop, and to other potential buys if those who know of local prices and shipping rates could post those in the comments here. I’ll copy and paste so you know your options.

I’m told that from Amazon.co.uk it’s £52.48 shipping within the UK. It may be a little more or less depending on where you live. That makes it about £10 cheaper than buying from us. Currently $98 is around £62.

And EUR 57,92 at Amazon.it, not including shipping.

From Kyle – SpinCDs.com: availible to pre-order at £49.99, free shipping in the UK