Tuesday 18th

More work on distortion plug ins. Finally bite the bullet and buy the OhmForce and izotope ones. A freeware app called Cyanide that I found at http://www.dontcrack.com/ is also great and I will be sending a donation. Electric piano through a good distortion pedal/plug in is one of my favourite sounds. Expect probably a little too much of it in the near future..

Back to drums and Traveling Light. I have to endure a few annoying DP crashes when I attempt to tune one of the tom toms in BFD… I guess I won’t do that again. The original kit was maybe the very first one I put together for the record and it sounds too far from the rest of the record – so trial and error, try this kick, that snare etc and I have a kit which has a snare drum not used on any other song (it is a brush hit) but the rest of the kit is similar enough.

Crashes prompt me to downlaod an auto-save app for the mac. Last crash I lost 45 minutes of work and some (maybe) good drum fills. After all the crashing and downloading, not a great deal of ‘drumming’, but basic template is in order and I’ll do more fills tomorrow.