I haven’t listened to that much solo DB, I think I listened to too much Talking Heads and his voice gets on my nerves a little these days (like Costello’s), but I LOVE the way he goes about his business and I LOVE his continued enthusiasm and seeming complete absence of jadedness (is that a word?).

Here’s a quote from his ‘Look into the eyeball’ album page. Wonderfully stated.

“I can’t really hype my own record, or begin to tell what the songs “mean,” or why I wrote them. Those things aren’t known to me often until at least a year later, when the whole thing is behind me and I can listen to it as if it’s someone else’s record. But I can tell how the recording came to be the way it is. Maybe those mundane details will reveal some part of the deeper decision process.”

Have a look around it’s a fantastic site. The radio thing is great and I may try to copy this idea if I have the resources.