Yesterday was supposed to be a rest day after my gig (and 15 hours of driving) at the weekend but instead I went to the mall and bought an Apple Thunderbolt display and installed it in my room. I then check it works, etc, etc. About a half day but now Logic will be much easier. The laptop is powerful but the large monitor makes it easier and I think it will ultimately save time (=money).

10 AM – Period Piece. I really like the guide vocal and I’ve been thinking about using it but there is spill from drums and guide guitar on it… not ideal. The spill from the telecaster actually makes a nice percussion track and functions something like an acoustic without taking up the space. I like it. Nice accident. So first thing I replay it, in time, using the same mic, but not singing… Then I sing the song. It’s still early and I take a while to warm up but the last three runs are good and Mark makes a comp from them.
Whale Mark does that I work on keyboards for I Can’t Stay in my room across the hall and I find something. Not a complete idea but a start. I record it.
I then listen to the vocal comp and we fine tune, and compare to the guide, it’s as good, or better. Then file management for the song and a rough mix. We finish 5 minutes before Matt Cullen arrives.

1 PM – I teach Matt Women’s studies and show him my part which I expect he’ll take and improve… it isn’t that simple. Plus Matt has a cut on one of the fingers of his left hand and he’s in some pain. But he says he wants to play… It also takes him a while to find his place in the song but after an hour or so he’s come up with a snaky chorus part I had not anticipated, so we get these recorded on the 3 choruses. By then he has a better feel for the song and he’s coming up with cool bits and pieces so I let him record the whole song several times and keep the best three runs. By the time this is done it’s time to break for food and while I go to get a salad down the street Matt listens to Blue Like Mars.

5PM – Matt plays through BLM a few times and hits on a nice part for the mid/chorus section. We focus on this and the build section that leads into it and the solo after. The solo is nuts and the whole mid section now has the right energy. We take the build part and put it over the first instance of the part, but what this leads to I don’t know, I was thinking, originally, just a heavy version of my rhythm but no… and I’m not liking anything else MC is doing so he has to go walk the dog where he’s staying. I try.
No, definitely not heavy rhythm… Eventually I find a part but it’s not quite right and reminds me (I think) of early U2, and I’m not sure if I want that. I find a way to change it on the second chord and now it works and it’s good. Then I realise what it would have been if I had left it – A Song From Under The Floorboards, by Magazine. Now it is similar but not the same and this song is nothing like that so nothing to worry about…
Matt returns and plays some ideas fro the playout and at 7.30 we’re done. But now Mark and I have to comp all of the takes down to individual tracks. We finish at 9.30, it all sounds good. It’s a lot of guitar and no time for file management. Mark will do that in the morning.