More Logic file management, keyboards and Mark Schwaber plays guitar.

Midday – more Logic file management. Dull stuff, but all seems in order.
Next – after I get finished with Myrtle and Rose I wonder if it might take the same strings that I just put on I Can’t Stay. It will I find a repetitive part which works well with the solo section lead arpeggio and then I figure out a harmony part. Is the sound right? Not sure. The part, with a little fine tuning will work.

Mark Schwaber phones to say that he’s not free when I’d asked him to come by but he is free in 45 minutes. I finish work on M&R and wonder what I should have MS play on.

For a while I’ve had an idea that I want some electric guitars playing mandolin style on the refrain parts of Diminished EX. Hopefully creating a feeling of rage, with a beautiful part. MS gets this immediately and we double track and then harmonise. That’s 4 tracks. Then we address the chaotic playout with the same sound and MS again finds the right notes. He shies away from the slightly dissonant note but i tell him not to worry. It reminds me of The Dream’s Dream (Television 2nd album) which is one of my absolute favourites.
I think we’re done with that song but MS has a chimey melody idea which is just lovely and then a counterpart. That’s 6 tracks… enough! Anyway he has to leave soon…

I tidy up the tracks, make the one tiny edit needed and then when MS leaves I wonder what the track needs to be complete. I end up thinking Electric Piano. I make a quick sketch – Blair will play it.

Not an awful lot done today but I definitely feel productive (not useless) and like I’m getting there. That’s 2 songs almost finished.

I also make a note that I think Silver Lake is a better title than I Can’t Stay. Actually I know it is, but is it right for the song? I think so.