This took less time than I’d expected. After the initial horror of opening Myrtle & Rose in Logic and getting an error message ‘The file has been damaged’ Yikes! Don’t panic – close, log out, re-start – and sure enough that was a gremlin. The file is not damaged….

I import yesterdays percussion files into the Logic sessions, copy the files to the correct folders, update the database, make mix notes, make rough mixes where necessary for reference (only It’s Late, I think) and generally check that everything is where it is supposed to be and sounds as it should. This only takes a couple of hours. Then I back up to the SuperDuper disk and that’s about it until the mix.

I fly on Saturday to Hamburg. Arrive Sunday, have lunch with Tapete, and then take the train to Bochum where I will work with Olaf Opal for 2 or 3 weeks, mixing the record.