More vocals and a few guitars.

Waking up this morning I listened to the Blue Like Mars vocals again and they are fantastic but a little tension is missing leading into the next section at the B7 chord. So we look at the part and there is a D going from B minor to the B7 effectively undermining this change. We change this part so that the D moves to an Eb and then we add a high A (the 7th note) and the part is still wonderful, but better.

Next we look at Women’s Studies and while we’re listening so M can figure out a chorus part he starts singing a melody along with the verse/intro part. I really like it but it’s not what i was imagining for the song at all. Much poppier. We spend much of the rest of the day figuring out if this part can work or not. I still don’t know. I will look at it more when I get home. If it can work we have it recorded on vocals, with harmony parts, and on bass, and on guitar using plasticsoul’s excellent Supro Super amp.

Note to self – remember to try this melody with low strings or brass, ala Telegram Sam.

While we’re doing this I find an interesting guitar arpeggio idea. This is recorded on a reference track, to be explored further in MA.

Deli sandwiches for late lunch. Have you ever had a BLT without mayonnaise? Mine came that way. It’s not a good thing.

On to Women’s Studies chorus and classic Sweet block vocals work as expected. Lovely. Perhaps too lovely. We shall see. If we don’t try we won’t know.

With about an hour left we try to address I Can’t Stay. Maybe I can record the guitar with plasticsoul’s Harmony amp. But we’ve made a mess of the rough mix – it’s showing a tempo to sync to, but it’s apparent that we must have ditched the click track and as we didn’t keep a count in it’s near impossible to overdub. It’s OK. Only an hour wasted and I can fix this in Logic when i get home. Aron goes off to dinner. Steven (plasticsoul) comes by to pick up his amps. M drops me in Santa Monica. I grab mole enchiladas and here i am again typing.

Home tomorrow, which will be nice. A couple of days rest, and day 8 is scheduled for Saturday the 8th.