Not much to report. Things are progressing to plan. We had an inch or so of snow and this happened to coincide with my trip to Bochum’s Bermuda Triangle area where one can, apparently, easily become lost amongst all the bars and restaurants. I just got cold and frustrated. The restaurant that Olaf had recommended was closed down, the Indian restaurant was full (Valentines night special) and I could not see anything that looked particularly exciting, ending up in a rather mediocre Asian tapas/small plate joint where all of the wait staff seemed new to the job… Since then it got dank but somewhat warmer, and today the sun came out so I had I nice walk around town for my day off.

We have 6 songs now mixed and few worries. I have almost finished organising my iTunes database and my German Studies are progressing… slowly, but I am getting somewhere, I think. I managed to order a meal and drinks last night with the aid of Google translate and on the iPhone. The waiter spoke almost no English, but I successfully found the Herring and the Schwabish style sausage (cheapest thing on the menu!). I also managed to negotiate the Herrings from 3 to 2, which seemed plenty as an appetizer. I found that a drink called something like Maltezer is close to Kummel and my new local Li Budda has neither but does keep the Danish Ligne which again is similar.

Back to my studies, then.