It’s been a crazy couple of days and I’m too tired to write much, but it does look like we’ll have an electronic album in September. I even have a cool poster for the shows. Thanks, Hosuk.

All the edits are done. The running order, I think is done. It’s my running order and not Dave Bates’ suggestion but he’s listened to it and isn’t in a huff. In his words “Would only go in a huff if I thought you were miles off/being daft/not getting it. This sounds good..” I cut one track, so it’s 7 and 4 now. About 45 mins.

Titles for the pieces are ongoing. I’m very happy with Slight Orchestras (yes Tyrannosaurus Rex reference is intentional) for the piece which has been provisionally entitle Poly 1.1 for several years… but I don’t have all of them.

Album artwork is getting there but not done. The basic idea is sound.

I just sent mastering notes to Jonas in Berlin who made the edits and I think he will master for Bureau B.

Tomorrow I drive to NYC to visit friends, lend my guitars to my old friends The Loft, see my son, and the next day perform in Brooklyn. My fingers are in no state to play. I’m pretty sure 3 Advils won’t be enough, but what am I to do? I can’t practice guitar when I have deadlines.