Q – Hello Lloyd,I have run across several apparent namesakes of yours on the Internet. Some of them obviously are not you but this quote made it seem plausible: ‘Many hesitate to read poetry because so much of what they have seen is hard to understand. Such poetry is not worth the paper it is written on and I have selected poems for this introduction which were written to be understood. Extracts are from all the great poets who wrote understandable poetry. There is much virtue in good poetry and the reader should enjoy the selection here. Included are poems to make you laugh, cry and think. I never met a brute who liked poetry…..Lloyd Cole’

If the author is not you he probably gets some pretty incomprehensible fan mail.

A – ‘I never met a brute who liked poetry….’ I like that!! I wish I had written it, but no, not me.

Publication: An Introduction to Poetry

Publication date: 1992