Q – Hi Lloyd,

you mentioned recently that might do a few concerts in Germany with your friend Dirk from Tapete Records.That got me wondering… would that be Dirk Darmstaedter, formerly of the (fantastic) German band The Jeremy Days? I talked to their keyboarder Louis Oberlaender a few years back and mentioned to him that I saw some similarities between their work and yours and he was genuinely surprised that anyone noticed your apparantly significant influence on some of their songs. Granted, their song titled “Lost Weekend” kind of gave it away… although it’s an entirely different number than that other “Lost Weekend”.

I’m a huge fan of Dirks music and love his recent “Me and Cassity” stuff. If it’s really the two of you going to be on stage I’ll be looking forward to the equivalent of Christmas and my birthday at last falling on the same day.

A – It is THAT Dirk and I’m happy to be finally doing something with him, we have been long distance friends for quite a while.