Well, it’s taken a while, but the Guitar Tabs area is finally here. Feel free to send in your requests and I’ll get to them as quickly as I can. I cannot guarantee I know how to play all of my songs on guitar, I’m rotten with proper chord names, so take my nomenclature with a pinch of salt, the diagrams, however, should keep things simple. I should also add that I really don’t know what ‘tabs’ are – I think they may be something more than I’m offering here, but these are the types of charts I give to musicians I’m working with. I won’t map out the whole song, I’ll just list and diagram the chords for the various sections – for anything out of the ordinary I’ll post notes, too.

Click on the ‘link to original article’ above for a the blank template I made to use for these postings. It took me a few minutes, I might as well make it public domain – feel free to download it and use it yourself.

This will be the protocol to download all future charts.