Q – First of all, you are giving a gift to all of your fans reporting the recording process of the next album. Really a joy for us.By the way, i´m discovering a wordenful hobby: vocal double tracking on to some songs of you. Man, you can´t believe how it is so pleasure to hear songs like “Happy for you”, “Late night Early town”, “No more love songs”, “My other life” and “My way to you” with on your own voice together with Mr Cole. I know, this is such an heresy (sorry) but i couldn´t resist when the ideia came in my mind. Just for you to know, I´m recording this at home with a cheap mic, but after some Soundforge plugins e ACID treatments, the result is fairly good.

A – Fernando – I am happy you have found a way to put my records to good use at last!! And don’t worry – it’s not illegal – the records are yours.