Thursday 15, Friday 16

Revisit ‘It’s Good To Be On Top’.
Work on drum track. Run into DP bug (drum editor is seemingly randomly erasing hits while I edit other events) which seems to mean that this file is corrupted. Spend at least a half a day with tech support and forums, trying to rebuild the file so the problem will disappear. Nothing works, it still happens.
End of the day I have most of a drum part, working through the very annoying bug. Re save the file for the 3rd time. Go home.
Friday – at least the problem seems to have gone away. Extend the arrangement with some (hopefully) creative copy and paste to give a playout. Make rough mix. Run before something else bad happens.

Return to ‘I Love Eveyone’ to address drums and arrangement. Basic sketch is pretty nice. Just create an intro by copying a chorus and slicing it into the start of the track.
Much capitulation with this rhythm track. It is the most traditional. Can’t seem to find a way to impress the curent stamp on it. Try all sorts of synth arpegios, ramped filters, etc. Nothing sounds good. The single bar hillbilly loop I had was better. Go back to that. Find more interesting sounds, in BFD, especially a cool brush snare, add R8 brush sounds to bcak up and eventually something sounds OK. Go home.