Friday 2nd

Add drum fills, further work with cymbals and generally tidy up the drum track of The Young Idealists.
Address the middle section – ringing sounds such as pianos and guitars have already failed to prove appropriate. Spend quite a while looking for a Spectrasonics synth texture, like the Romeo sound featured on much of MIAFL – no joy. Eventually give up with Atmosphere. Construct simple organ/harmonium melody which is promising. After much looking around, the (pro 53) air organ from Coattails, without the echo, seems to work. Maybe it needs a treatment to differentiate it from the electric piano.. we will see. I find a variation on the Traveling Light arpegio synth (Albino) works, through a 3/16 echo, also when mixed in with the other rhythmic stuff – subtle but make the section have a slightly different feel.
Make rough mix. Feel like I’ve been working on the song for too long. Need a break from it.