From ‘Disappointed in Dublin’ – I have been travelling to your gigs for 22 years and they have been absolutely top drawer, however on Friday 25th April I made the 500 mile round trip with my wife and two new converts to the Whelans show in Dublin.
Midway through you’re second half my wife was remarking how good the show was to the other lady when you said “Will I have to sing a bit louder over you” Frankly Lloyd it was downright rude and embarrasing for us I was severly disappointed, we have been fans since 84 and go to your Irish show everytime you play here, from the summer shows in Croke Park with Simple Minds in the 80s right through your Belfast shows to the Rattlesnakes reunion in Vicer Street and all the rest in between. My wife and I left your show immediately after the comment.

A- I think what I actually said was ‘I could sing a little more quietly if you’d like’. It is hard to believe, I’m sure, that when the PA is pointing at you and am so loud, that I can hear you talk (if you are near to the stage or relatively loud compared to your neighbours), but I can – the PA is not pointing at me. I’m afraid that there were problems with ambient noise (which I didn’t have last time at Whelan’s – there were changes in the interim) all that night and by the point that I addressed you I was pretty much worn out, by it so I apologise if I seemed snotty.