Q – I was wondering if you are into doing duets? If so..who would you like to sing with? and which song would you pick? This question came to me after listening to nick cave and kylie sing the red rose.

A – Well, Tom Waits with Crystal Gayle takes some beating, the Country and Motown templates were strong but my music doesn’t seem to lend itself to multiple voices that often. I have sung with Jill Sobule, in fact we had a song on a Kristofferson tribute record (link included) – we did For The Good Times, but we just took turns with the verses and sung harmony to each other, which was not easy for me. I’m no natural, that’s for sure. We were scheduled to duet at an Elton John tribute at Carnegie Hall a little while ago, but I just couldn’t find a song I wanted to sing… it’s not like he doesn’t have piles of great songs, he does. Just none I wanted to duet on. Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman.

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