Wednesday, Thursday
We have domestic stuff going on I have to address so no full days.
Good to be on top – how to make the chorus part work?? The melody is strong but dull if simply stated on a single instrument.
Maybe the bass should suggest it?? No.
Nylon strung guitar? No. Vibes? No. Electric Piano? No. Piano? No.
What I didn’t try, that I should have, is vocal ‘bom, bom ,bom’s
Eventually concoct a melange of sounds playing interlocking, overlapping parts which add up to something like the melody and I like it a lot better.
Hand bells, Electric Piano, Vibes, Prophet synth and Albino synth all combine to make something quite small, and not at all strident. Try to add an intro like MIAFL (the song)using this combo of sounds – possibly successful..
That was hard work.