Q – Hi Lloyd, this is my first post here having just registered. The Rattlesnakes reissue really helped me fall back in love with the early Commotions stuff, it was one of my favorite records back in high school (in the US). Given that the follow up Easy Pieces has long been out of print, and that there are several other recordings from that era that could be added to the album (b-sides, which were on the CD in other countries than the US, the Paul Hardiman sessions that went unreleased, etc), are there currently any plans for a similar reissue of Easy Pieces? It may not be as iconic an album as the debut, but it actually placed higher on the UK charts, didn’t it? So it seems there would be an audience out there for a reissue.

A – I sincerely doubt it. I do know a few people who prefer it to Rattlesnakes, but they are all perverse in one way or another.. However, there may be an ‘everything else’ release, to get the complete Commotions available again, but not in the very near future.