First full day of the week. Feeling about 80%.
More work on ‘I am not Willing’
Replace drums in first half with drum machine. Use MachineDrum samples.
Create drum fill entry for ‘real’ kit.
Record electric piano high arpegio to disk, apply 3/16th echo.
Interesting accident in comping the EP midi – a setting I expected to be ON in DP was OFF and some of the copied data was out of sync – some sounded pretty good. Copy and paste to another track for future use, maybe on another instrument??
Record several more takes of steel string guitar. Edit together composite track, still maybe too busy. Revisit later.
More arrangement experiments, lose drum machine from intro, fade in electric piano.
Sounds like song needs real bass guitar, call Kevin O’Rourke (local musician friend) he can com in tomorrow 2.15.
Record Guide vocal. Sounds like some harmonies might be good.
Play around with piano melody echo track, sounds promising on Pro 52 R. Hanline (VST programmer pal) sound.
Enough for today.