The last few days I’ve been working with Jonas Foerster (who is in Berlin). He’s really good. I’ve been auditioning and then selecting pieces for my next electronic album, and then sending them to him to edit. I actually managed one simple edit using Logic myself, but I’m not up to serious stuff. Many of the pieces are 10 minutes or longer, without time code or click tracks… most were recorded directly from my modular synth. We need to make 80 minutes of material about 50.

The album was Bureau B’s idea, initially. Several of the tracks I created for Roedelius to complete on Selected Studies were not used, and as I had created them deliberately unfinished, it didn’t occur to me that they might have any other value. Gunther at Bureau B thought differently, and after time had passed I listened back and saw his point – there is a spare, simple quality to many of the pieces, which perhaps I would have been afraid of if I had thought I was creating a finished product. That became the basic idea of the record. If Selected Studies was multidimensional, this would operate on a single plane. Working title is consequently “1D”.

We’re hoping to have the album released to coincide with my Berlin debut as an electronic live performer. The deadline is next week!

My friend Chris Hughes, yes, that Chris Hughes, the producer, is supplying art for the sleeve.

More to follow.