Q – Hi Lloyd, since moving to America is there anything you still miss about England? When you’re over on tour do you fill up your suitcase with nice cheese or a good supply of good old pg tips?

A – Fortunately most of the essentials can be obtained over here, if at a somewhat inflated price. In NYC I used to buy the newspaper (Independent) but here in the sticks there is no change of that, but no worries – now we have the Internet! We have, in the Cole kitchen – Marmite, Bovril (add a drop of sherry for a delight… I can’t think of anything else I’d use sherry for in temperate climes), PG Tips or Yorkshire Tea, Rose’s Lime Juice, Angostura Bitters, Coleman’s Mustard and much more I’m surely forgetting. They make good cheeses everywhere these days, but they don’t make Cheshire too many places, and I will splash out for that on occasion. After many years of fighting, I have given in to many things American – I finally understand kosher pickle, and I do enjoy a bagel with Marmite – how mid-Atlantic is that? I still take my own mustard with me to the burger restaurants, though. It’s hard to bring anything on plane these days, but sweets/candy is usually Ok and that is what is expected of me. Flakes and Maltesers, Galaxy chocolate, etc. The best, IMHO is from Scandinavia, though – Daim Bars! (Dime in Uk, it says at Wikipedia, in the US Heath bars are similar but not as good).